Vocal Tag Team: Kidman and Haake

Vocal Tag Team: Kidman and Haake

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Signature Style: Metalheads frequently cite the band as the Trope Maker for djent; the genre’s name itself being derived from the sound of their signature palm muted and heavily bent guitar riffs. The band, however, has done everything from slow and heavy Groove Metal with sparse beats akin to Pantera’s slower material and arrythmic, discordant and extremely noisy metal with loads of chugging, atonal leadwork, and digital effects. Spoken Word in Music: Drummer Tomas Haake dominates this trope in an unholy fashion. Some examples can be listened in songs like “Spasm”, “The Exquisite Machinery of Torture” and “Dancers to a Discordant System”. Step Up to the Microphone: played straight with Haake’s spoken word parts, Averted with Kirk Hammett’s guest solo on one of the live performances of “Bleed”. Surprisingly Gentle Song: “Acrid Placidity”,”Unanything” and “The Last Vigil”. All of them are instrumentals. Title Track: “obZen” and “Violent Sleep of Reason”. Three Chords and the Truth: They have written songs with only two or three notes. Trope Maker: For Djent Uncommon Time: Frequently considered the rivals to Tool in taking this trope Up to Eleven. According to Hagstr they’re not that big on odd time signatures. Almost all of their music is based on a 4/4 centre, no matter how far out the rhythms wander; “Dancers to a Discordant System” was written in 6/8 and “Spasm” is in 7/4. That being said, they are no doubt masters of polyrhythms; this article barely scratches the surface. Most of the odd feeling of their songs comes from their unique style: all the guitar and bass is played in rhythm with the drum parts. Updated Re release: A rare musical example of this (besides the standard reissues with bonus tracks that nearly every band has): The Nothing album was re released with rerecorded guitars, new programmed drum tracks, and some other minor changes because the band was dissatisfied with the production of the initial release. Vocal Tag Team: Kidman and Haake. Word Salad Lyrics: They sometime use too much jargon that would normally make no sense to most listeners. Xtreme Kool Letterz: “Rare Trax”, compilation album of unreleased songs.

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