Peterson is on trial for the murder of Kathleen Peterson

Peterson is on trial for the murder of Kathleen Peterson

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Cocaine used to be just another food additive which could be found in everything from children’s pain medication to pop. You’d think its 1914 ban would’ve come down to “Holy shit, we’re putting cocaine in everything, what the hell were we thinking? It must have been all the. oh.” But while people were aware of the dangers of cocaine abuse among middle and upper class white Americans, that’s not why it was banned. Instead, lawmakers were driven by the early 20th century equivalent of a racist chain email from your grandpa. There were stories of black Americans supposedly abusing cocaine, gaining superhuman strength, and using that strength to attack white men and sexually assault white women.

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aaa replica designer handbags Michael Peterson (front left) listens to his lawyer Thomas Maher (front right) as his son Todd Peterson (back left) laughs with Michael Peterson daughters Margaret (back center) and Martha Ratliff August 26, 2003 during the Peterson murder trial in Durham. Testimony in the death of the Ratliff girl mother, Elizabeth Ratliff continued. Ratliff died in November 1985 in a similar way to Peterson wife, Kathleen,who was killed in December 2001. Peterson is on trial for the murder of Kathleen Peterson. aaa replica designer handbags

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